Salesforce and Lama AI Have Joined Forces To Launch AI-Powered SMB Lending Solutions

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Salesforce and Lama AI have partnered to offer a Lending-as-a-Service Platform, built for the Salesforce platform

Banks using Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud can now digitize and automate their commercial lending practices, launch new lending products quickly, increase their approval rates, and enhance their 360-degree view of their commercial customers.

[New York], [September 2023] – Salesforce, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace has partnered with Lama AI to complement its Financial Services Cloud capabilities through access to Lama AI’s exchange and technology, designed to help banks grow their lending portfolios and approve significantly more of their business loan requests without taking unwanted credit risk onto their balance sheets - all within Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) and Experience Cloud. 

Lama AI for FSC: AI-Powered Lending as a Service 

Given the industry’s overall high decline rates for small business loan requests, Lama AI helps banks to collaborate with one another in real time and achieve significant increases in overall loan approvals, while securing each party’s interest in the transaction and, first and foremost, their client relationship and retention. As a group, the overall approval rate is dramatically higher than that of any individual bank. Lama AI ensures high levels of qualification matched to each bank partner’s risk appetite, allowing the banks to grow their loan books responsibly and to grow deposit relationships with no upfront marketing costs. 

Established in 2021, Lama AI provides a technology platform that empowers banks, fintechs, and other industry players to enable fast and efficient commercial lending processes. Through an AI-powered platform, the company enables its partners to onboard customers quickly while offering a wider range of financial products without compromising target risk levels. Hundreds of banks across the United States, including top financial institutions, rely on Lama AI and its safe and secured infrastructure to power their own small business lending processes.

Leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and its rich 360-degree view of the customer, Lama AI’s Lending-as-a-Service solution plugs directly into both the Experience Cloud and enables digitizing and automating commercial lending practices. From onboarding to closing, Lama AI offers an unparalleled platform to speed up the lending process and provides a superior experience for both the business owner and the lender, supporting growth and profitability.

With Salesforce and Lama AI, banks will be able to rapidly introduce new lending products to their customers, reduce time to market, stay competitive in the rapidly evolving financial industry, and retain customer relationships. 

“We’re excited to be joining forces with Salesforce to help financial institutions unlock business lending, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and big data,” said Omri Yacubovich, co-founder and CEO of Lama AI. “Our technology helps financial institutions to launch new digital products in no time, helping bankers focus on nurturing their relationships and better catering to their customers’ ever-evolving needs.”

Lama AI is currently available on the AppExchange

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