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Lama AI is a cloud-native lending technology platform that helps you quickly launch and confidently scale new lending products.

Smart applications

Pre-built data integrations

Automated Underwriting


Embedded lending

Smart Applications

Lama AI’s Smart Application comes with pre-built AI models and seamless 1st and 3rd party data connectivity to make the application fast, efficient, and accurate.
The Smart Application is API-first and can be implemented into your existing onboarding platforms, or as a white-label platform fully hosted by Lama AI.
The platform enables lenders to automate data collection while keeping personalized customer communication front and center.

Pre-Built Data Integrations

We’ve integrated with the majority of 1st party and 3rd party data providers so you don’t have to.

By enabling your borrowers intuitively connect their digital assets to the lending flow you help them save lengthy document gathering and uploading processes and manual data entry, while getting access to the most reliable and up-to-date information about the business which helps better assess the risk and provide your borrowers better terms.

Automated Underwriting

Everyone knows the saying: Time kills deals. Reduce your approval time from weeks to minutes for small business loans. User-configurable lending criteria and smart validation capabilities enable you to quickly approve good applications, reject the deals outside of your appetite, and refer the more complicated cases to a risk officer.


Participate in the lending exchange as a lending partner to automatically receive opportunities that match your lending appetite and deploy more capital.
Participate as a referral partner to seamlessly approve more customer loan applications without taking the credit risk. The exchange enables you to offer every type of lending product to match your customers unique requirements.

Embedded Lending

Lama AI’s API-first technology allows any fintech, SaaS company, bank, or SMB-focused organization to offer their clients a full suite of lending products.
Our best-in-class application experience, robust data connectivity, and diversified capital provides your customers with the highest acceptance rates in the market.

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