Lama AI Secures “Finny Award” for Global Fintech Excellence

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (August 16, 2023) – At the culmination of the VenCent Fintech Summit, The Venture Center presented Lama AI, an AI-powered commercial lending technology provider for the financial industry, the 2023 Finny Award for the way it has revolutionized commercial lending dynamics.

“This prestigious accolade underscores Lama AI's unwavering commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in shaping the future of financial technology,” said Arthur Orduña, executive director of The Venture Center. ‘In our eyes, fintech is synonymous with collaboration, and true collaborations prosper when all parties benefit. This award celebrates fintechs that are stable, worthy of investment, and validated, all while aiding banks in refining their operations and services.”

Lama AI partners with banks by integrating into their lending streams through various channels, including fintechs, software firms, and service companies for small businesses. They ensure high-quality matches tailored to each bank's preferences, enabling banks to expand their loans responsibly without initial marketing expenses. Numerous U.S. banks, including leading institutions, trust Lama AI's secure platform for their small-business lending. The firm's commitment to security and compliance is key to its widespread industry acceptance.

“Winning 'The Finny' validates our dedication to collaborative fintech solutions that transform banks for the better,” said Ben Fried, head of partnerships at Lama AI. “We're proud to be part of an ecosystem where everyone wins through innovation and partnership. This award, voted by more than 200 banking executives, fuels our drive to continue simplifying lending, enhancing customer experiences, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Thank you, The Venture Center, for this remarkable recognition.”

Since 2016, The Venture Center’s award-winning fintech accelerator programs have effectively fueled innovation in the financial services industry through a highly-collaborative methodology that accelerates the partnership between banks and fintechs. The Finny, chosen by popular vote at the annual VenCent Fintech Summit, recognizes a company helping banks transform efficiencies through ease of integration and reduction of friction, while providing an enhanced customer journey. In addition, the winner is known for delivering solutions that pass regulatory scrutiny.

VenCent connects banking leaders, fintech innovators, and influencers worldwide and spotlights solutions for today’s biggest challenges in financial technology. Since it began, The Venture Center has connected more than 10,000 bankers with early-to-growth stage technology companies, impacting revenues, brand, culture, and growth. Visit to learn more.

About Lama AI

Lama AI helps Banks and other lenders deliver fair capital to business owners with speed and efficiency, by digitizing and automating their commercial lending practices.

From onboarding to closing, Lama AI offers an unparalleled platform to speed up the lending process and provides a superior experience for both the business owner and the lender, supporting growth and profitability.

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